This is good news.

Courtesy of Time:

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock will file Monday to run against first-term Republican Sen. Steve Daines, giving Democrats a boost in their effort to take control of the Senate in November.

Bullock’s decision to run is an abrupt about-face made at the last minute for the two-term governor, who ended his long-shot bid for president in December and had repeatedly insisted he had no interest in running for the Senate.

“After hearing from Montanans and talking to Lisa and our kids, we decided now is no time to be on the sidelines, and that’s why I’m running so we can make Washington work more like Montana,” Bullock said, referencing his wife, in a statement announcing his candidacy.

Bullock had come under increasing pressure since dropping his presidential bid, including meeting with former President Barack Obama in Washington and with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer, of New York, recently traveled to Montana to meet with Bullock, who reportedly weighed the matter with his family over the weekend before making his decision.


I think that it would be good for the country if a number of these former Democratic presidential candidates were to run for office back in their home states.

If Democrats win the White House they only need to pick up three Senate seats in order to take back control and kick Mitch McConnell to the curb. 

Just imagine how much good the Democrats could do with control of the White House, the Senate, and the House. 

And seriously if we are going to undo all of the damage that Donald Trump did to this country we really need all three.