I have been against the Afghanistan war since it first started.

I remember getting blowback even when most people had become convinced that the Iraq war was a colossal mistake because they still argued that the war in Afghanistan was the “good” war. 

As if any war is good. 

The reality is that the people of Afghanistan did nothing to the American people,  not one of the 9-11 hijackers was from that country, and yet we have killed tens of thousands of their citizens. 

We have committed war crimes against innocent people all over the world, and we wonder why people hate America. 

Here is a trailer for the film Combat Obscura which is the documentary that Miles Lagoze helped create with the footage that he smuggled out of the warzone.

This is the never-ending war that Osama Bin Laden always wanted to trick America into waging.

The plan was to drain us of all of our resources, sacrifice thousands of American lives, and drive a wedge through our country. 

Check, check, and check.