Just in case you thought Trump might have lost support from his base.

Courtesy of The Independent:

David Duke, one of the US’s most notorious racist extremists, has reiterated his support for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and suggested the president replace his current vice president, Mike Pence, with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Mr. Duke is a renowned neo-Nazi antisemite and white supremacist who founded a Ku Klux Klan chapter in the early 1970s; since then, he has unsuccessfully run for office several times and endorsed various extremist figures and causes.

In a series of tweets late on Wednesday night, he wrote that “Trump & Tucker is the only way to stop the commie Bolsheviks! It is the only path to beat them! #TrumpTucker2020”

Mr. Duke has expressed his admiration for Mr. Carlson on Twitter before, previously calling him a “hero” for supposedly “exposing white ethnic cleansing in America”, celebrating an interview as “one of his best performances”, and invoking alt-right terminology to shout “Can’t cuck the TUCK!”

His rationale for the running mate switch seems to be based on political calculation as much as personal preference. “Tucker Carlson now! We DON’T HAVE 4 YEARS,” he tweeted. “In 4 years there will be no dissident websites, platforms or email addresses, no dissidents allowed credit cards or bank accounts. No Freedom and Tucker will be off air before Biden is even sworn in. Tucker NOW! 4 Years is TOO LATE!

“One more thing about Tucker Mr. President. It would make you IMPEACHMENT PROOF! And Tucker would whip those Republican cucks in line and make them defend our freedom of speech and the heritage of the American people!”

Well, it certainly appears that Tucker Carlson has impressed the racist fringe. 

There is actually a real push from the Right to get Tucker to run for president. 

Can you even imagine?

Of course, you can, after almost four years of Donald Trump, what crazy thing CAN’T you imagine?