Courtesy of CNBC:

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page — who has been a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s barbed tweets and comments — on Tuesday sued the Justice Department and the FBI over what she claims were illegal disclosures to media outlets of her nearly 400 text messages with an FBI agent with whom she was having an affair.

Page’s suit in federal court in Washington, D.C. says that text messages she exchanged with Peter Strzok were released by the Justice Department to reporters in December 2017 to promote a “false narrative” that she, Strzok and others at the FBI “had conspired to undermine” Trump illegally.

She also claims the texts were released in violation of the federal Privacy Act “to elevate” the Justice Department’s standing with Trump “following the President’s repeated public attacks of the Department and its head,” then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Page’s suit came a day after the Justice Department’s internal watchdog in a new report said she “did not play a role in the decision” by the FBI in 2016 to open a probe into the Trump’s presidential campaign campaign and into four members of the campaign.

Good for her, after what Trump and his Justice Department did to her she deserves to win a huge settlement against them. 

She will never get back what they stole from her, but at least she can continue to miss it while sitting on  huge yacht docked in the Caribbean.