Cheap bastard.

Courtesy of Bloomberg:

Donald Trump’s personal driver for more than 25 years says the billionaire real estate developer didn’t pay him overtime and raised his salary only twice in 15 years, clawing back the second raise by cutting off his health benefits.

Noel Cintron, who is listed in public records as a registered Republican, sued the Trump Organization for about 3,300 hours of overtime that he says he worked in the past six years. He’s not allowed to sue for overtime prior to that due to the statute of limitations.

“In an utterly callous display of unwarranted privilege and entitlement and without even a minimal sense of noblesse oblige,” Trump and his businesses exploited the driver, Cintron says in the complaint.

The driver’s allegations echo those of other Trump employees or contractors who have sued the president or his businesses over the years claiming he has underpaid them or failed to honor promises to compensate them for their work. They have included mortgage brokers, landscapers, and electricians who say they were stiffed on commissions or fees.

Does anybody else find it highly ironic that this cheap son-of-a-bitch is demanding that members of NATO start paying more for defense, and bitches about unfair trade practices, while he has never met a business that he was not willing to stiff? 

Oh, I forgot that since Trump was elected irony is dead.