I think Arizona clearly needs him.

Courtesy of AZ Central:

No wonder Sen. Martha McSally is so desperate to get all of Trump’s supporters to have a fighting chance against Mark Kelly.

The retired NASA astronaut has opened a 6.7-point lead over McSally in a new poll released on the same day Trump is to boost her candidacy.

The poll of 400 likely voters conducted Feb. 7 though Feb. 9 shows Kelly ahead with 46% compared to McSally’s 39.3%.

McSally, who’s fighting to win the seat she was appointed to by Gov. Doug Ducey, has a strong lead or 78% among Republicans. Predictably, Kelly is drawing 82.3% among Democrats, according to the survey.

The party support isn’t that illuminating, given the country’s hard-line divide. But the fact that Kelly is ahead is significant considering McSally is Trump and Ducey’s choice

Under normal circumstances that kind of backing and McSally’s high-name-recognition statewide would give her an edge.

But these aren’t normal times. And McSally isn’t a senator who even pretends to represent all Arizonans. She has sided with Trump, betting her political career on him and his policies, which have divided the nation and Arizonans.

If I have any regrets right now it is that I am not a resident of Arizona, just so I could vote for Mark Kelly. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I formed a huge man-crush on him while he was helping his wife recover from being shot. 

At one point during that, I remember thinking that if I ever get shot in the face I want Mark Kelly to sit by my bedside and offer me encouragement on my recovery. 

The guy is an actual saint. 

And what’s more he is a fucking astronaut so not only is he incredibly brave, but he is intelligent enough to learn all of the technical things that go into orbiting the planet. 

Brave, smart, compassionate, that is all I want and more in a Senate candiate.