Former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe makes appearance on 60 Minutes. Which inspires Twitter attack from Trump.

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Oh yeah, that’s going to get Trump’s attention. 

And of course, there was much more in the interview. 

Here are a few excerpts courtesy of CBS News:

McCabe says that the basis for both investigations was in Mr. Trump’s own statements. First, Mr. Trump had asked FBI Director Comey to drop the investigation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts. Then, to justify firing Comey, Mr. Trump asked his deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, to write a memo listing the reasons Comey had to go. And according to McCabe, Mr. Trump made a request for that memo that came as a surprise.

Andrew McCabe: Rod was concerned by his interactions with the president, who seemed to be very focused on firing the director and saying things like, “Make sure you put Russia in your memo.” That concerned Rod in the same way that it concerned me and the FBI investigators on the Russia case.

If Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein listed the Russia investigation in his memo to the White House, it could look like he was obstructing the Russia probe by suggesting Comey’s firing. And by implication, it would give the president cover.

Scott Pelley: He didn’t wanna put Russia in his memo.

Andrew McCabe: He did not. He explained to the president that he did not need Russia in his memo. And the president responded, “I understand that, I am asking you to put Russia in the memo anyway.”

When the memo justifying Comey’s firing was made public, Russia was not in it. But, Mr. Trump made the connection anyway, telling NBC, then, Russian diplomats that the Russian investigation was among the reasons he fired Comey.

Andrew McCabe: There were a number of things that caused us to believe that we had adequate predication or adequate reason and facts, to open the investigation. The president had been speaking in a derogatory way about our investigative efforts for weeks, describing it as a witch hunt…

President Trump on Feb. 16, 2017: Russia is a ruse. I have nothing to do with Russia. Haven’t made a phone call to Russia in years.

Andrew McCabe: …publicly undermining the effort of the investigation. The president had gone to Jim Comey and specifically asked him to discontinue the investigation of Mike Flynn which was a part of our Russia case. The president, then, fired the director. In the firing of the director, the president specifically asked Rod Rosenstein to write the memo justifying the firing and told Rod to include Russia in the memo. Rod, of course, did not do that. That was on the president’s mind. Then, the president made those public comments that you’ve referenced both on NBC and to the Russians which was captured in the Oval Office. Put together, these circumstances were articulable facts that indicated that a crime may have been committed. The president may have been engaged in obstruction of justice in the firing of Jim Comey.

Scott Pelley: What was it specifically that caused you to launch the counterintelligence investigation?

Andrew McCabe: It’s many of those same concerns that cause us to be concerned about a national security threat. And the idea is, if the president committed obstruction of justice, fired the director of the of the FBI to negatively impact or to shut down our investigation of Russia’s malign activity and possibly in support of his campaign, as a counterintelligence investigator you have to ask yourself, “Why would a president of the United States do that?” So all those same sorts of facts cause us to wonder is there an inappropriate relationship, a connection between this president and our most fearsome enemy, the government of Russia?

Scott Pelley: Are you saying that the president is in league with the Russians?

Andrew McCabe: I’m saying that the FBI had reason to investigate that. Right, to investigate the existence of an investigation doesn’t mean someone is guilty. I would say, Scott, if we failed to open an investigation under those circumstances, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs.

As you might imagine this pissed Tangerine Hitler off big time and he jumped on Twitter to type out his displeasure. 

Trump needed someone to back him up so he turned to the former NRA TV dipshit Dan Bongino, who now apparently shills for Trump on Fox News.

An investigation into possible cooperation between an elected official and an American adversary is not an attempt at an “illegal coup.”

It is, in fact, the exact job of the FBI. And in light of the evidence not doing so would have been malpractice on their part. 

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  1. Anonymous February 18, 2019 at 7:03 am

    me thinks trump thou protest too much as usual. If he were innocent, he should be happy that the outcome will show that and that will be the end of the story, but he is guilty and Mueller will prove that.

    Why is he still complaining about Jeff Sessions, he hired him 🙂

  2. Anonymous February 18, 2019 at 7:26 am

    Hey, Gryph! Okay if I skip the italics and read your reply first? It’s becoming a good habit….

    • Gryphen February 18, 2019 at 7:34 am

      Well, I certainly don’t have any hard and fast rules, but I wonder how you would know what I am commenting on if you skip the posted article?

      Comments without context could seem a little confusing.

      • Anonymous February 18, 2019 at 7:55 am

        Because I agree with you most times? “Okay, this is going to be good…” THEN I read it.

  3. aMEN February 18, 2019 at 8:22 am

    ” fact, some legal experts believe that the SDNY investigators and prosecutors may soon be in a position to issue criminal indictments against the president, as well as three of his children — Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric.”

    “we reported that Vice President Mike Pence may also be implicated in crimes being investigated by the SDNY.”
    ““Manhattan-based federal prosecutors can challenge Trump in ways Mueller can’t. They have jurisdiction over the president’s political operation and businesses — subjects that aren’t protected by executive privilege, a tool Trump is considering invoking to block portions of Mueller’s report.”

    The most recent rumor, POLITICO says, is that “legal circles are… buzzing over whether SDNY might buck DOJ guidance and seek to indict a sitting president.””


  4. anon February 18, 2019 at 8:22 am

    Has he mentioned Hillary’s emails in the past few days? Was that horse removed from the merry-go-round?

  5. snl February 18, 2019 at 11:53 am

    ‘I wonder if a sitting President exhorting his followers that my role in a TV comedy qualifies me as an enemy of the people constitutes a threat to my safety and that of my family?

    5:17 PM – Feb 17, 2019’

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