This one should be interesting to watch.

Courtesy of CNN:

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe is suing the Justice Department and FBI over his firing last spring and accusing President Donald Trump of politically retaliating against him.

McCabe is asking a federal court in Washington to reinstate him as deputy director of the FBI so he can earn a full pension, which he was deprived of by being fired. He said Trump had “constitutionally improper motives for removing” him from government service.

He was dismissed hours before his retirement date following a report from the Justice Department’s inspector general that concluded he improperly disclosed information to the media and lacked candor in interviews with federal investigators. McCabe, who worked for the FBI for two decades and was a senior leader in 2016 through 2018, including after FBI Director James Comey’s firing and the early days of the Mueller investigation, had become a target of Trump’s heckling on Twitter.

Trump had torn into McCabe’s wife’s Democratic political ties after she had run for state senate in Virginia in 2015. McCabe and his wife have maintained that some of Trump’s accusations, especially about McCabe being ethically compromised by donations to her campaign, were false.

McCabe accuses Trump of threatening several top brass of the Justice Department — from former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to inspector general Michael Horowitz, to then-attorney general Jeff Sessions — as a way to “induce their compliance with Trump’s desires,” the lawsuit says.

Here is more from WaPo:

McCabe’s lawsuit is notable for its forcefulness, alleging that Trump enlisted the highest-ranking members of the federal law enforcement apparatus in a scheme to stifle dissent. The suit singles out Sessions and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, who it claims “knowingly acted in furtherance of Trump’s plan and scheme, with knowledge that they were implementing Trump’s unconstitutional motivations for removing Plaintiff from the civil service.”

“Trump demanded Plaintiff’s personal allegiance, he sought retaliation when Plaintiff refused to give it, and Sessions, Wray, and others served as Trump’s personal enforcers rather than the nation’s highest law enforcement officials, catering to Trump’s unlawful whims instead of honoring their oaths to uphold the Constitution,” the lawsuit alleges. “Plaintiff” refers to McCabe, who filed the suit.

The lawsuit traces the origins and evolution of McCabe and Trump’s relationship, starting when the FBI in 2016 publicly recommended closing its investigation into Clinton’s private email server. Soon after, the suit alleges, then-candidate Trump began to attack McCabe, taking aim at political donations McCabe’s wife received when she made a failed run for a state Senate seat in Virginia from a group controlled by a prominent Clinton supporter.

The suit claims that even though Trump ultimately won the election, he remained fearful that he was in political peril due to his “loss of the popular vote and his campaign’s acceptance of Russian assistance during the presidential election.”

“Once in office,” the suit alleges, “Trump began to purge the DOJ and FBI of officials whom he perceived as his partisan opponents rather than Trump loyalists, and as affiliated with the Democrats because of their support for the Russia investigation.”

Those supposed “partisan opponents” seemed to also include Sally Yates and James Comey.

These are some pretty serious allegations but they all sound fairly accurate to me.

There is literally no doubt that McCabe was fired for political reasons, and the very fact he was fired right before becoming eligible for his benefits smacks of retaliation. 

Of course McCabe’s case comes right after former FBI agent Peter Strzok filed his lawsuit claiming he was fired in response to 1st Amendment protected communications with his girlfriend. 

These two lawsuits could very well see Trump dragged into court forced to defend his actions.

Won’t THAT be hugely entertaining?