Is there a market for books that actually make you dumber?

Courtesy of The Guardian:

In Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence US, the eldest son of the US president blasts a high-pitched rant against American liberals who he accuses of turning the country into a socialist monument to political correctness.

The US government has been infected with antisemitism, Donald Trump Jr writes in the 294-page book that will be published next week. “Angry mobs” are now in charge of major media outlets, political correctness has taken hold and “we have completely ceded control of what we can and cannot say in public to the left”.

The author dedicates Triggered to “the Deplorables”, a reference to Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated portrayal of Trump supporters during the 2016 presidential election. “I am proudly one of you,” he writes.

But a more accurate description of the book, a copy of which has been obtained ahead of publication by the Guardian, might be that it reveals its author to be every bit as devoted to partisan trolling, childish insults and grudge-holding as his father in the Oval Office. Even the title, Triggered, is designed to make the veins on the foreheads of liberals pulsate.

Apparently the entire book is just internet trolling put to paper. 

There is a website associated with the book though, where deplorables are directed to order a book and send it to their favorite liberal just to fuck with them. 

Classy, right?

Here are some of those targeted by the book:

Special counsel Robert Mueller is a “feeble old fool” at the head of a “crooked investigation”; conservative commentator Bill Kristol is a rat; the Squad of four leftwing congresswomen that includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, should be renamed “Hamas caucus”; George W Bush is a loser like Romney.

As for CNN, the news channel that the US president has made his media whipping boy, its newscasters are nothing less than “full of shit”.

The book is also full of the kind of misinformation and lies that one would expect from a book with a Trump name on the front. 

In my opinion there is no good reason for the existence of this book since we already know that the Trump family is full of thin skinned whiners, prone to middle school insults and chronically incapable of self awareness. 

We get it, you’re Trumps.

Say no more.