Nor should they be.

Courtesy of WTSP:

Following the state’s Department of Education’s order, school districts across Tampa Bay are pushing for in-person learning to begin at the start of the school year, but teachers say they don’t have enough answers to feel safe enough to go back into classrooms.

“Are we going to offer them face shields? Gowns, gloves? Are we prepared to deal with our infrastructure, like hand washing stations? Touchless hand sanitizer, touchless garbage cans? Are we going to manufacture our schools to have one way hallways? Are we going to deal with smaller class sizes? These are all questions teachers have and we have no answers,” said Fedrick Ingram, the president of the Florida Education Association.

“Teachers are angry and in fact, they should be,” said Ingram. He says the timeline, just four weeks until classes are supposed to begin with an in-person option for students, is too short to come up with the answers teachers and school staff need in order to feel prepared and safe.

The federal government and Florida’s leaders have been pushing for schools to reopen in August. Teachers like Brian Coleman, who teaches online classes for Pinellas County Schools, say in-person classes are not a safe option as Florida’s positive coronavirus case numbers lead the nation.

“What happens if a teacher gets sick? What happens if a student gets sick? Who has to quarantine? When do we close schools again?” questioned Coleman. He’s leading a demonstration of Pinellas teachers and parents ahead of the district’s school board meeting on Tuesday.

These educators are in no way overreacting as there is ample evidence that reopening the school for in-person instruction is extremely risky.

Just take a look at what happened in Israel courtesy of The Daily Beast

Israel’s unchecked resurgence of COVID-19 was propelled by the abrupt May 17 decision to reopen all schools, medical and public-health officials have told The Daily Beast.

The assessment of Israel’s trajectory has direct bearing on the heated debate underway in the United States between President Donald Trump, who is demanding a nationwide reopening of schools for what appear to be largely political reasons, and health authorities who caution it could put the wider population at risk.

Importantly, on May 17 in Israel it appeared the virus not only was under control, but defeated. Israel reported only 10 new cases of COVID-19 in the entire country that day.

And this is from a place that actually had the virus under control, in no way is that comparable to what is currently happening in Florida. 

Right now, as we speak, Florida is reporting more new cases of the Coronavirus than any other place in the country.

Just imagine how much worse that will be once they reopen schools.