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Florida’s top medical officer has issued a continuance of the state’s mask advisory as the number of coronavirus cases surges past 100,000.

State Surgeon General Scott Rivkees extended the advisory Saturday, citing that even though Florida has moved to phase two on its reopening process, residents should still wear face coverings where social distancing is not possible.

Rivkees previously issued a medical advisory warning of the health risk of COVID-19 in early May. The advisory addressed protective measures strongly encouraging the usage of face coverings for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

This advisory extends the use of face coverings asking everyone to utilize them as people take advantage of businesses and recreational facilities reopening. The Florida Department of Health labeled the use of face coverings as an updated measure in the fight to eliminate coronavirus within the state.

Whereas the Surgeon General only issued an advisory, some cities in Florida have made mask-wearing mandatory.

Courtesy of News 4 JAX:

Some major Florida cities have decided to take action locally. A mandatory non-negotiable order is now in place for residents in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orange County. Every person in a public place must be wearing a face mask.

The measure was implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Health officials have reported record-breaking spikes in the number of cases coming in from medical centers and testing sites in recent weeks.

Orange County was the first to make face coverings mandatory. The county, which includes the city of Orlando, said face masks apply to visitors. Mayor Jeff Demmings said the order applies to any person “living, visiting or doing business” in the county.

“We have been deliberate at this phase of not saying that it carries a criminal penalty because that’s not the goal,” Demings told WKMG-TV. “In the world that we live in now with the potential conflict between law enforcement and the community, we’re certainly not trying to create an environment where we want law enforcement to get into enforcing, what I call, maybe minor violations of law or rules.”

Tampa’s Mayor implemented a similar mandate that goes into effect Friday. The Tampa order applies to all indoor locations outside the home. The city said it would provide masks for people who don’t have one.

St. Petersburg will also require face coverings as of 5 p.m. Friday.

Miami requires face masks in restaurants unless seated at a table, when going to and from the beach, at dog parks. The city of Fort Lauderdale requires people to wear a face-covering when inside any essential business or service amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Monroe County — the Florida Keys — also requires face coverings.

Florida is a red state so as you might imagine there are some who are not down with the whole mask-wearing thing. 

Like this guy for instance. 

Well, at least he held onto his dignity. 

That is likely to be the response from a whole lot of Right Wingers as mandatory mask-wearing becomes a way of life. 

I swear some people would rather fight to the end than risk surviving a pandemic based on advice from those their dear leader vilifies.