Let the shitshow begin!

 I am not at all sure of what we will see here tonight, though I think we can count on the fact of coming away even more disgusted by Donald Trump. 

I have heard from a number of sources that he plans to come out swinging in the hopes of keeping Biden off-balance and on the defensive for the entire debate. 

Toward that end, the Trump folks already started by putting out a false story that Biden had earlier agreed to have his ears checked for an earpiece and then later refused. 

Of course, that is false, but the story made the media rounds nonetheless.

This kind of tactic has served Trump well in the past so I hope that Biden has come prepared with some verbal Jiu-Jitsu moves in his arsenal. 

There is actually quite a bit for Biden to use against Trump such as the NYT story about Trump not paying taxes, or his campaign targeting black voters for deterrence,  or his attempts to force the CDC to put out fake information about the pandemic. 

The Trump camp has already exposed one weak spot that Biden can take advantage of if he so chooses. 

One move that Biden has already taken just today was to release his 2019 tax records, (He and Jill paid $300,000 in taxes by the way.) so I am guessing that will come up. 

As usual, I will be updating this post as news breaks and soundbites become available. 

I am going to avoid alcohol tonight so that I can stay focused, but I encourage you to partake in whatever beverage, edible, or comfort food you need to get you through the night. 

Update: Taking the stage.

Joe Biden is the normal-looking one. 

Update 2: Courtesy of CNN:

The debate devolved into chaos in the first 20 minutes, as President Trump repeatedly talked over former Vice President Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News.

Trump persistently interrupted nearly every Biden answer on the Supreme Court and the candidates’ health care plans, as well as Biden’s rebuttals to Trump.

The interruptions turned the early portions into a free-for-all in which there was little room to explore policy differences.

Exasperated, about 18 minutes in, Biden turned to Trump and said, “Will you shut up, man?”

“Will you shut up, man?”

Best line of the night. I think we all cheered that. 

Update 3: Joe saw his opportunity. 

Well, done.