This is who can expect to see tonight:

Cory Booker
Bill de Blasio
Julián Castro
John Delaney
Tulsi Gabbard
Jay Inslee
Amy Klobuchar
Beto O’Rourke
Tim Ryan
Elizabeth Warren

In my opinion, it is Warren’s debate to lose, but I imagine that there will be a surprise or two as well.

I have already dismissed Booker, de Blasio, Castro, Delaney, Gabbard, Inslee, Klobuchar, and Ryan as being serious contenders, but O’Rourke might demonstrate some of that star power that we have all heard so much about. 

I also worry a little for Warren as some of these folks might see their own increased name recognition as linked to their ability to damage her in the debates. 

I think Tulsi Gabbard especially has reason to want to tear her down. 

This guy has already been locked down by Warren. 

I imagine there are a lot of folks like him out there. 

I will update this post as new information becomes available. 

Update: yeah this one caught me by surprise as well. 

What is the Spanish word for pandering?

Update 2: Trump hates that they keep using big words. 

If only they used illustrations to make their point. 

Update 3: Tulsi’s sister is mad.

Have not yet heard from Bill de Blasio’s brother. 

Update 4: I loved this answer.

She really does have a plan for everything.