So by a raise of hands who saw this coming?



Courtesy of People:

The first cruise ship to set sail in the Caribbean since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has reported that a passenger on board has tested positive for the virus, according to The Points Guy.

A reporter for the travel site, Gene Sloan, is aboard the SeaDream 1 and was meant to be documenting the new safety measures on the small vessel, which departed from Barbados on Saturday and is carrying 53 passengers and 66 crew.

Sloan reported that the boat’s captain, Torbjorn Lund, made an announcement over the intercom midday on Wednesday explaining that a passenger had tested positive “on a preliminary basis.” It’s currently unclear what he means by “preliminary.”

I swear that this is one of my worst nightmares.

The idea of being trapped at sea with an infection spreading among the passengers will keep me off cruise ships for the remainder of my life. 

And I cannot even imagine what kind of mental midget believes that it is a good idea to confine yourself with a bunch of strangers during a worldwide pandemic.

That just boggles my mind.