Actually, warning them that they are going to take the Senate might be more accurate. 

Courtesy of CNBC:

Financial advisory firm Signum Global Advisors is telling clients that it now believes the U.S. Senate is going to flip blue as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden continues to surge past President Donald Trump in the polls.

In a note to Signum’s clients, Chairman Charles Myers and senior partner Lew Lukens said that while they were initially convinced Republicans would maintain control of the upper chamber, they have changed their minds and think Democrats are going to take it back.

“As Joe Biden’s lead over Trump in national and battleground polling has widened, several Senate races have become closer. We are changing our call and now predict the Democrats will take the Senate,” they wrote on Tuesday.

The firm has a massive policy and research arm, with its leaders all having experience that ranges from working on Wall Street to government posts in Washington.

Myers explained to CNBC that while they tell clients to expect a blue wave in November, they’re also warning them that Biden and a Democratic-led Congress will likely lead to higher corporate taxes, including for tech, pharmaceutical and energy companies.

Signum’s flip suggests that firms on Wall Street and in the financial industry could start preparing for the end of Republican control, both in the White House and Senate. Democrats currently hold a majority in the House of Representatives

This just reinforces what the polls have been telling us about Joe Biden’s momentum and the Democrats’ chances in 2020 all across the board. 

I think the American people are scared and that they want intelligent people running the show. 

And let’s face it all of that talent is currently with the Democrats.