So tonight is the second and final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and I think it is fair to say that some shit’s going to go down. 

In fact, Trump is planning to star stirring that shit right off the bat.

Courtesy of The Hill:

President Trump is expected to bring Hunter Biden’s former business partner to the presidential debate on Thursday night in Nashville, Tenn., as the president seeks to make Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s private life the focus of the stretch run to the election.

A source familiar with the plans told The Hill that Tony Bobulinski, a former Army intelligence officer who claims to have managed the Bidens’ foreign business portfolio at one time, will be the president’s guest at the debate in Nashville.

I guess this would be a similar tactic to the one that Trump pulled on Hillary when he invited a number of Bill’s accusers to sit in the audience. 

Somehow I doubt that it will fluster Biden one little bit. 

I also doubt that this is the only dirty trick that Trump has up his sleeve. 

As usual, I will update this post as new information becomes available. 

I would also suggest that you get your beverages prepared beforehand because we are definitely going to need them. 

Update: Biden appears ready.

Fired up, ready to go.

Update 2: Joe gets the chance to put the Hunter Biden fake scandal to rest. 

Yes, I realize that the Right Wing will never let it be put to rest, but actually, this should be the end of it. 

Update 3: This was a big moment.

That should be all over the papers tomorrow, and it will only help Biden’s campaign.

Update 4: This drew blood. 

He is raging now