Is it wrong that this stuff never surprises me anymore?

Courtesy of Business Insider

On November 15, President Donald Trump granted clemency to three members of the military who were either convicted of or charged with war crimes — a controversial move that was at odds with the Pentagon.

One of those men was Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, who was accused of killing a teenage ISIS fighter in US custody in Iraq and of shooting at Iraqi civilians.

In the latest episode of The New York Times’ show “The Weekly,” videos show members of SEAL Team 7 talking to investigators about Gallagher in shocking and sometimes emotional interviews.

“The guy is freaking evil, man,” Special Operator First Class Craig Miller says in the video.

“I think he just wants to kill anybody he can,” Special Operator First Class Corey Scott tells investigators. Another SEAL Team 7 member calls him “toxic.”

Trump’s intervention not only kept Gallagher out of military prison, but also restored his status as a Navy SEAL which had been stripped from him in response to his conviction. 

So now this “freaking evil” killer is out walking the streets.

I swear that it seems every single thing that Trump does is designed to make all of us less safe.