How do you live with yourself while fighting to keep children locked up forever?

Courtesy of US News:

A federal judge on Friday blocked the Trump administration from enacting new regulations that would allow migrant children to be detained with their families indefinitely.

U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee in Los Angeles ruled that the new policy violates the Flores Settlement Agreement, a 1997 federal consent decree that outlines how migrant children should be treated in government detention and how long they can be held.

The government is expected to quickly appeal Gee’s ruling and the case may end up before the Supreme Court.

The ruling is a major setback for the administration, which has been focused on nullifying the Flores agreement. Administration officials argue that the agreement, which has been interpreted to limit the time migrant children can spend in detention to 20 days, creates a “catch and release” system that encouraged migrant families to come to the U.S., knowing they will be released to await court proceedings.

The article goes on to say that if the administration ultimately wins this fight that it will allow ICE to determine how long to hold these children and how they will, or will not be reunified with their families. 

Allowing ICE to determine how long to keep these families apart is sort of like allowing the KKK to decide how many white girls should be allowed to date black men.