Guess which country is the main concern.

Courtesy of The Hill:

The National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) published a draft report addressed to President Trump this week that found cyber threats to critical infrastructure pose an “existential threat” to national security and recommended “bold action” in response.

The NIAC, which is made up of industry officials and those from state and local governments involved in critical infrastructure, including former National Security Agency Deputy Director Richard Ledgett, strongly urged Trump to take action to protect energy-, communications- and financial-critical infrastructure.

“Mr. President, escalating cyber risks to America’s critical infrastructures present an existential threat to continuity of government, economic stability, social order, and national security,” the NIAC wrote. “U.S. companies find themselves on the front lines of a cyber war they are ill-equipped to win against nation-states intent on disrupting or destroying our critical infrastructure.”

The members wrote in the draft report that “bold action is needed to prevent the dire consequences of a catastrophic cyber attack on energy, communication, and financial infrastructures. The nation is not sufficiently organized to counter the aggressive tactics used by our adversaries to infiltrate, map, deny, disrupt, and destroy sensitive cyber systems in the private sector.”

Three countries were identifed as having the means to launch a significant cyber attack, but only one, Russia, was singled out as currently mapping our systems in order to find vulnerabilities. 

The facts are that this administration has been incredibly slow to respond to this threat which is real and currently ongoing. 

We know what they did in 2016, and yet Trump and his people seem unconcerned with what they might be capable of doing in the future. 

Gee, I wonder why that is?