And the prize for creepiest smile goes too…that guy.

Courtesy of ABC News:

An Ohio man has been arrested for making threats toward a local Jewish community center in New Middletown.

James Reardon Jr., 20, has been charged with telecommunications harassment and aggravated menacing and is being held in the Mahoning County Jail on $250,000 bond with a court hearing planned for Monday morning.

On Friday, the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force raided Reardon’s house and seized a cache of weapons and ammunition, including dozens of round of ammo, multiple semi-automatic weapons, a gas mask and bulletproof armor.

“Grateful for the work of the FBI, local law enforcement and our community partners in the Youngstown Jewish community. We will continue to employ all our resources to stop the spread of white nationalism and violent extremism,” the Anti-Defamation League in Cleveland tweeted.

Reardon is an admitted white nationalist who wants to see a homeland established for white people, attended the Charlottesville protests, and made an Instagram video of himself firing semi-automatic rifles in which he tagged the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown.

It has not yet been established that he is a Trump supporter, but I would be surprised if there is not a red MAGA hat somewhere among his belongings.