FBI opens investigation into Trump donor, and former massage parlor owner, Li “Cindy” Yang.

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So many scandals I almost forgot about this one. 

Courtesy of the Miami Herald:

The FBI has opened a public corruption investigation into Republican donor and South Florida massage-parlor entrepreneur Li “Cindy” Yang, focusing on whether she illegally funneled money from China into the president’s re-election effort or committed other potential campaign-finance violations, the Miami Herald has learned.

Investigators obtained a federal grand jury subpoena Tuesday seeking records from Bing Bing Peranio, an employee of Yang’s family’s spa business who last year contributed a maximum $5,400 to President Donald Trump’s re-election effort, according to a source familiar with the probe. Yang came to Peranio’s workplace and helped her write the check, Peranio told reporters from The New York Times, who first reported the contribution. Peranio told The Times she didn’t “say no.”

The subpoena asked for any records related to that March 5, 2018, donation and possibly other contributions between 2014 and the present, said the source, who asked for anonymity to discuss an ongoing federal investigation.

In a brief phone interview with the Miami Herald, Peranio confirmed that she had received a subpoena and that FBI agents had interviewed her at her home Thursday.

She declined to discuss the nature of the conversation but said she did not understand why investigators were interested in her political contributions.“It’s not just me,” Peranio said. “I don’t know why I always get it.”

I swear this case potentially has everything, possible Chinese spying, sex, possibly illegal political donations, human trafficking, and Donald Trump.

Remember that we first learned about Yang when Patriots owner Robert Kraft was arrested potentially getting a happy ending at the massage parlor she used to own.

Oh yeah, so this case also includes football. 

Yep, this has everything. 

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  1. Protagoras May 10, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Let’s not buy into the cheap sensationalism that seems to be almost automatic with these stories. There hasn’t been any actual evidence linking her to human trafficking, and while the fact that she’s associated with Donald Trump perhaps gives cause to be more suspicious than one would ordinarily be, perhaps we should stick to the plentiful accusations for which there is evidence?

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