What now?

Courtesy of The Inquisitr

The son of a Deutsche Bank executive who committed suicide in 2014 says he has told the FBI that at least some of the bank’s unexplained $1 billion in loans to a six-time bankrupt Donald Trump were underwritten by a Russian government-run bank. Val Broeksmit says that he has shared files and emails from his late father, William S. Broeksmit, with federal investigators now probing the dealings of Deutsche Bank, according to a report published by Forensic News.

Shortly after publishing its report on Broeksmit’s allegations, the Forensic News site went offline, possibly due to a “malicious DDoS attack,” according to the site’s founder, Scott Stedman. The site’s report on Broeksmit’s allegations of the alleged connections between Russian state-run bank VTB, Deutsche Bank, and Trump, remains accessible via the document storage site Scribd.

Stedman said on his Twitter account that before publishing the article on the alleged Trump-Russia financial connection, Forensic News sent “a detailed list of questions” to Deutsche Bank, but the bank declined to respond.

But after the report was posted online, Deutsche Bank issued a denial.

“More responsible news outlets have either investigated and avoided, or retracted, similar allegations as there is no truth to them,” the bank said in a statement, quoted by Stedman on Twitter.

Though Forensic News said that it had not independently confirmed that VTB served as underwriter on Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans — loans that the bank extended to Trump at a time when his six bankruptcies made him a pariah among lenders — “at least some of Trump’s loans were issued by a bank subsidiary with business ties to VTB,” according to the report.

A couple of things about this story.

First off I tried to write about it last night only to have the original site Forensic News completely disappear down a rabbit hole, which at first made me wonder if it was a legitimate website.

I waited until this morning to see if other sites had written about their reporting, but only found that a few on the fringe had bothered to pursue it. 

So far at least.

However the reason that I think it is worth talking about here, is that this is not a new story.

In fact MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell reported on it bakc in August of this year. (Link)

I remember reading about it, thinking that it made a lot of sense, and then seeing it sort of disappear from the internet. 

My personal opinion remains that the story ties a lot of loose ends together that help to explain why the Kremlin has so much influence over Trump, and why he so fears Vladimir Putin. 

And here is something that we do know for sure:

At the time that Trump became president, he owed approximately $350 million to Deutsche Bank, according to New York Times editor David Enrich, author of the upcoming Deutsche Bank book, Dark Towers: The Inside Story Of The World’s Most Destructive Bank. Enrich revealed that figure in a NPR interview.

According to Broeksmit’s documents that he shared with Forensic News, that money is actually not owed to Deutsche Bank, but rather the Russian that used them as a front. 

Since we know that Donald Trump is not worth anywhere near a billion dollars, that means this Russian bank may have the ability to bankrupt both him, and his entire family, with one simple keystroke. 

And that makes virtually every decision that Donald Trump has made as president suddenly make all kinds of sense. 

As I said, this story is worth pursuing.