Expert on cult leaders writes book about Trump followers which states the obvious.

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I don’t think too many people will be surprised by this comparison.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

Cult leaders may seem crazy, but they are cunning masters of manipulation, employing an arsenal of these techniques to render their followers dependent and obedient. It’s what I call the cult leader’s playbook.

As I argue in my upcoming book, The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How The President Uses Mind Control (Simon & Schuster), Trump has gotten where he is today in large part because he has exploited tactics straight out of that playbook. These include his grandiose claims, his practice of sowing confusion, his demand for absolute loyalty, his tendency to lie and create alternative “facts” and realities, his shunning and belittling of critics and ex-believers, and his cultivating of an “us versus them” mindset. These are the same methods used by Moon, Jones, and other cult leaders such as L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology), David Koresh (Branch Davidians), Lyndon LaRouche (LaRouche PAC), and, most recently, convicted trafficking felon Keith Raniere (NXVIM).

Of all these tactics, the “us versus them” mindset is probably one of the most effective. From the moment you are recruited into a cult, you are made to feel special, part of an “inside” group in opposition to unenlightened, unbelieving, dangerous “outsiders.” Playing on ancient human tribal tendencies, cult leaders extend this “us versus them” mindset outwards to an almost cosmic struggle.

Many campaigns—political, military, athletic—pivot around the idea of conflict between parties. Even in literature there is a hero and a villain. But cults take this human habit of viewing the world in binary terms and infuse it with a kind of all consuming passion, which they reinforce in the minds of followers using cliches, platitudes, lies, and endless repetitions. You come to believe that you are superior to the rest of the world. In fact, everyone who is not in the group is, at some level, in the words of the eminent psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, dispensable.

The most effective tactics of all are those that play upon followers’ emotions. For this reason, cult leaders often begin by making new recruits feel special, part of an “inside” group in opposition to unenlightened, unbelieving, dangerous “outsiders.” Playing on ancient human tribal tendencies, cult leaders encourage a kind of dualistic “us versus them” mindset, which they then extend outwards to an almost cosmic struggle.

This is one of the most enlightenign descriptions of Trump’s cult of personality that I have ever read. 

Of course this is what Trump is donig, and of course this is why it is working. 

Blind faith, whether it be to a religion, a political party, or a single person, opens you up to all kinds possible manipulations that your critical thinking skills would protect you from if they were not rendered impotent. 

Trump’s ability to influence the emotions of these people makes him quite dangerous, and ultimately a threat to this country and its institutions. 

The real Trump derangement syndrome does not afflict those who criticize Trump, but rather those who still support him despite all that we have learned in the last two and a half years. 

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  1. anon October 13, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    Trump uses the same arsenal of indoctrination techniques to grab attention and devotion – ‘shunning, shaming, expulsion’

    Trump uses rallies that he ostensibly attends to help other Republicans get elected as charging stations where he can demonize his perceived enemies
    The 11 cult leader tactics Trump uses

    1. Absolute confidence

    Cult leaders come across as self-assured and all-knowing, leading their followers to have confidence in them too.

    2. ‘Only I can fix this’ grandiosity

    Trump follows the pattern by teasing secret information or playing up the problems his supporters have, then uses the tag line, ‘Trust me’, or ‘Believe me’ to instill faith in him.

    3. Sowing fear and confusion

    Trump has copied dictators and cult leaders throughout history with his fear mongering and playing on existing fears, amplifying those fears and distorting them.

    4. Lying about the facts

    Lies are standard operating procedure and by 2017, Trump had told 2000 lies but that number climbed to 10,000 two years later.

    Again, lies are ‘right out of the Cult Leader Playbook’, writes Hassan, and are used to stoke fear and hold onto power – just a business strategy to keep people watching.

    5. Belittling critics

    Trump is known for coming up with insulting nicknames for his opponents such as Crooked Hillary and Pocahontas for Elizabeth Warren.

    6. Commanding devotion

    Trump uses the same arsenal of indoctrination techniques to grab attention and devotion – ‘shunning, shaming, expulsion and physical punishment’.

    His supporters wear his gear, copy his phrases and are vocal about their admiration.

    7. Claiming he’s misunderstood

    Trump rails against the media for not understanding him.

    Jim Jones, who directed a mass suicide and murder of more than 900 followers at Jonestown in Guyana in 1978. In his dying breath, Jones said it was ‘all the media’s fault. Don’t believe them’.
    8. Praising his followers and boasting about how much he loves them

    9. Use of music, vocal patterns, repetition of phrases

    Trump’s clichés and the loaded language from ‘lock her up’, build the wall, are all for mind control.

    10. Us vs. them mentality

    Trump uses rallies where he can demonize his perceived enemies, from the media, globalists, radical left-wing Democrats, socialists, Hollywood actors, and the liberal media.

    11. Sense of entitlement

    Trump exhibits the same sense of entitlement in evading paying tax, just like Sun Yung Moon, as well as a serious lack of empathy after Puerto Rico was wiped out by Hurricane Maria in 2017 and he refused to send money but instead went down and tossed out rolls of paper towels.

  2. nanna October 13, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    I read recently- and I agree- that they are unreachable now and see no choice but to follow him to the pits of hell.

    Fine with me.

    • Anonymous October 13, 2019 at 5:07 pm

      Propofol so he can sleep at night aka Michael Jackson.
      Yes, Gryph, you can track me to my doorstep.
      Not a threat, “hello agents! Just a tired government worker going about my business and sick of this shit.”

  3. OK October 13, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    tinydjt tweet>

    • Anonymous October 14, 2019 at 11:43 pm

      The Brazilian Rainforest was set on fire to clear land to plant soybeans to sell to China. Once China establishes markets outside the U.S. they won’t be so quick to come back. And those countries will do anything to keep China’s business and money coming in. China has spent decades establishing a positive presence in Africa. Whereas the U.S. president considers it a shithole continent.

  4. anon October 13, 2019 at 5:08 pm
  5. anonymous October 13, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Harry Reid Warns 2020 Democrats Against Underestimating Trump: He’s ‘Very, Very Smart’ and Won’t Lose ‘Easily’

    …..“I used to think that Donald Trump was not too smart. I certainly don’t believe that anymore,” said Reid during an appearance on CNN’s Axe Files with David Axelrod on Saturday.

    After calling Trump a “con artist” and “human leech” trying to “bleed the country” dry, Reid added, “I don’t think he’s, intellectually, a powerhouse but he is basically a very, very smart man. No matter what the subject, any argument he involves himself in, it’s on his terms. You’re always arguing against him. He never, never, is willing to debate an issue on terms that aren’t his.”

    The former Nevada lawmaker went on to sternly advise Democrats against underestimating the president: “Anyone that thinks Trump’s going to be beaten easily should have another thing coming.”

  6. anonymous October 13, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    Trump Has Lost 60 High Value ISIS Detainees In Syria

    Chris Wallace: ‘Shocking’ to See Atrocities Unfolding in Syria as Trump Is Withdrawing Forces

    “I am not often or easily shocked here at the anchor chair on Sunday mornings, but I have to say that the conjunction of reports that the Turkish-backed militia are committing atrocities and slaughtering, executing Kurdish civilians and soldiers, the fact that ISIS fighters are escaping, that the president has decided to pull all U.S. forces out of northern Syria and allow the Kurds to make common cause with the Assad regime and Russians, I find that shocking.”

  7. anonymous October 13, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    The flag of ISIS is again flying in Syria. US troops were fired on by Turkey and forced to withdraw. The Kurds are being forced into a surrender agreement with Assad, Russia, and Turkey. Trump set all of this in motion by refusing to stand with America’s allies. The death and harm that is coming to innocent people are all because of Trump.

  8. anonymous October 13, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    Republican wishes ‘Happy Birthday to the US Navy’ — with a picture of a Russian battlecruiser

    Adding to the GOP’s Russia obsession was an awkward misfire in a simple happy birthday message.

    Sunday morning, Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) tweeted a celebratory message to the U.S. Navy, which was officially established in 1775. Instead of showing photos of historic Navy ships or courageous sailors or decorated admiral, he posted a battleship, that isn’t even an American ship.

    According to Politico defense editor Dave Brown, the photo used in the graphic was Russian battlecruiser, the Pyotr Velikiy.

  9. anonymous October 13, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    Robert Reich walks through all the ways Trump is selling America to foreign powers for his own personal profit

    Donald Trump: xenophobe in public, international mobster in private

  10. anonymous October 13, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    Trump goes after Fox News’ Chris Wallace after Shep Smith departure

    • Anonymous October 13, 2019 at 6:46 pm

      Chris Wallace is NOT his father.
      Want to fight back? Show me.

  11. anon October 13, 2019 at 6:52 pm

    The video appears to come from the account “TheGeekzTeam.” The account is listed as a creator for Meme World, the site created by far-right figure Carpe Donktum. Donktum attended the White House social media summit & met with Trump.

  12. Anonymous October 13, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    “The event, hosted by the group American Priority, took place at Trump’s resort in Miami, the Trump National Doral, and featured a litany of pro-Trump headliners, including former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr.”

    • anon October 14, 2019 at 7:51 am

      “I wonder if this is the kind of video @NRA-beholden lawmakers are referring to when they blame entertainment for causing America’s gun violence crisis?”

      “Trump’s supporters are showing videos of Trump committing church shootings, as if it’s a good thing. There is no bottom to how bad it can/will get by next November. ”

      “~IT~’s sickening to realize Trump’s supporters at a conference feasted on a fabricated video of Trump shooting, stabbing & viciously assaulting members of the media & political opponents—inside a church.

      ~IT~will get worse: Trump’s indifference to human life is a dangerous trigger.”

      “We have enough mass shootings, we have enough journalists killed in the line of duty around the world–we don’t need to glorify a massacre of people who challenge Trump. This demonization of opponents and fetishization of violence is unconscionable.”

      “You can tell a lot about people by what they think is funny.”

      “What struck me from this video is this all happened in a church. The president — probably the biggest part of his base are churchgoers, evangelicals,” – “And they are now making fun of someone coming in and committing vicious murders in a church. I don’t care what the president does, he’s already lost his credibility on this. People who went to church yesterday who are going to wake up this morning and wake up and see the president and his supporters think it’s funny to commit violence in a church. ”

      Laughing all the way to the ‘bank’ on ~IT~.

  13. anonymous October 13, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Horrific video meme where Donald Trump massacres ‘fake news media’ and Democrats like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi is shown at the President’s Miami resort

  14. Respectable October 13, 2019 at 11:13 pm

    Cult or no cult – Sandy Duncan will never get back her eye.

  15. Anonymous October 14, 2019 at 1:25 am

    Mayor of Minneapolis wrote an Op-Ed for the Washington post all about how Trump stiffed them on the bill and other cities too. $530,000. Add that to Tucson, El Paso and Ohio and it’s over a million dollars now.

    I think all those cities should take the campaign to court and sue. Problem is there probably isn’t a signed contract. Trump has perfected running out on the bill.

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