Before we start let me just share that the headline for his CNN article is the following:

US intelligence briefer appears to have overstated assessment of 2020 Russian interference

And it is compete bullshit. 

Here let me just provide the article from CNN first:

The US intelligence community’s top election security official appears to have overstated the intelligence community’s formal assessment of Russian interference in the 2020 election, omitting important nuance during a briefing with lawmakers earlier this month, three national security officials told CNN.

The official, Shelby Pierson, told lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump get reelected.

The US intelligence community has assessed that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election and has separately assessed that Russia views Trump as a leader they can work with. But the US does not have evidence that Russia’s interference this cycle is aimed at reelecting Trump, the officials said.

Okay so the gist of this is that the individual handpicked by former DNI Joseph Maguire to provide vital information during a meeting specifically called for that purpose exaggerated the intelligence? 


Here, get a load of this:

“The intelligence doesn’t say that,” one senior national security official told CNN. “A more reasonable interpretation of the intelligence is not that they have a preference, it’s a step short of that. It’s more that they understand the President is someone they can work with, he’s a dealmaker.”

“He’s a dealmaker?”

That is absolutely Trump-speak.

One intelligence official said that Pierson’s characterization of the intelligence was “misleading” and a national security official said Pierson failed to provide the “nuance” needed to accurately convey the US intelligence conclusions.

“Nuance” is a funny word for lie if you ask me. 

Look we have been hearing from both current and past intelligence officials that Russia worked to put Trump in office and is continuing to work to keep him in office, since before Trump ever took office. 

What’s more Russia has been telling anyone who will listen that they want Trump in the White House.

And it certainly ain’t for his “dealmaking” abilities, unless “dealmaking” is another word for “Do every damn thing we tell him to do, when we tell him to do it.” 

So for these “officials” come out right now and claim that the intelligence does not say what we already know that the intelligence says is the biggest load of bullshit that I have seen in decades. 

Let’s face it, folks, nothing coming out of the Trump Administration should be reported as fact to the American people unless it is backed up by hours of fact-checking by numerous publications with verifiable journalistic ethics. 

Because THAT, is the world we live in now.