Oh, this is going to piss you off.

Courtesy of CNN:

As infections surge and several states grind their reopenings to a halt, the President’s political advisers and allies are growing concerned he is moving on from a pandemic still gripping the nation — and, this week, members of his own team. Trump’s absence from Friday’s coronavirus task force briefing only heightened the impression that he is leaving the pandemic response to others.

None of the nation’s top health experts — dropped off in the circular drive in front of the Department of Health and Human Service — seemed overly concerned that Trump wasn’t there. The coronavirus task force meeting had been moved from the White House Situation Room to the health agency’s headquarters without much explanation. Vice President Mike Pence arrived with his security in tow and several aides were driven from the West Wing in black suburbans.


Even as Trump attempts to move on, the protective bubble around him has grown thicker. Aides say the steps are necessary to allow the President — by all definitions an essential worker — to continue leading the country amid the pandemic.

But people familiar with the matter say the precautions also stem from Trump’s own insistence that he not contract the disease and his heightened awareness of how a sick President would affect both the country’s view of him and his ability to command a response to the pandemic.

After Trump told aides at the beginning of the outbreak he must avoid getting sick at all costs, efforts to prevent him from contracting the virus have progressively become more intensive and wide-ranging. Early steps such as keeping more hand sanitizer nearby eventually evolved into an intensive safety apparatus, including the testing regimen requiring dozens of staffers.

So far the efforts appear to have been effective, at least at preventing the President from contracting the virus. But events of the past week have also underscored the primacy of Trump himself to the safety measures, with the safety of staffers who compose his massive footprint coming second.

That was clear even before Trump landed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a rally last Saturday night. In the hours ahead of his arrival, a handful of campaign staffers tested positive for the virus. In the days since the rally, several more have been found to have contracted it. Many campaign staffers, who had hoped to be planning more rallies in the near future, decided to quarantine at home instead. And dozens of US Secret Service personnel were told to quarantine after working the Tulsa event.

So to be clear while Trump is walking around without a maks telling people that the worst of the pandemic was behind him he has a team around him testing everybody who comes into contact with him for the virus and scrubbing and disinfecting every surface that he touches.

This arrogant prick is not even bothering to try and protect his own people, much less all of us. 

It has been said before, but it cannot be said enough, Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump. 

And never has that been more clear than during this current health crisis.