That sounds like Palin.

Courtesy of Radar Online:

Sarah Palin has yet to respond in court after husband Todd Palin filed for divorce over three months ago, can exclusively reveal.

But according to an insider, the two are still hoping to save their marriage and are taking steps to repair their relationship.

“They’re still together,” said a source. “Todd’s not moved out, they’re still living under the same roof and together as a family. Sarah’s not someone who gives up on anything without one hell of a fight.”

“Even though she and Todd have their differences, they do truly love and respect each other as people,” the insider added.

Well, that is a huge load of horse pucky. 

I knew that the article concerning the selling of that house in Arizona was wrong about the Palins already being divorced, but I am equally sure that Sarah and Todd are not currently cohabitating. 

They have not lived together for years so it is extemely unlikely they are doing so in light of this request for a divorce. 

I have an acquaintance who has been to the Palin compound twice and has only ever seen Todd with not one Sarah sighting. 

And the chances of a reconciliation are also laughably ridiculous. 

Like Trump, Palin holds a grudge forever, and she would NEVER forgive Todd for humiliating her in public like this. 

I actually think that a more likely explanation is that Sarah is secretly liquidating assets, like that house in Arizona, and hiding the money in LLC’s or other unreachable accounts before Todd can get his hands on it. 

Almost all of the money that they have made in the last ten years or more has come through Sarah’s effort and she is absolutely never going to give that up without a fight. 

I imagine that by the time that these two truly horrible people are finally free of each other there will be a giant crater where their marriage once stood.