Courtesy of Deadstate

The June 17 edition of The Jim Bakker Show was quite a doozy. Appearing with televangelist grifter and host Jim Bakker was Cindy and Mike Jacobs of the Generals International ministry. While praising Trump’s godliness, Cindy Jacobs took a moment to warn viewers what would happen if the Senate votes to pass the Equality Act.

“We are are the voice preparing the way, and there does come a time, Jim, where things turn,” she said, speaking to Bakker. “You know, when suddenly the Lord say, ‘Okay, no more — I’m not gonna put up with this anymore.’”

““I said many years ago—and I took quite a lot of guff from the press about it—that we would even come to a place of civil war,” she said. “You try to take the Bible away and say that we cannot preach the gospel of the lord, Jesus Christ, there are millions of believers in America and I believe that would be the dumbest thing for them to do—because if they do that, or they pass this Equality Act, listen, there is going to be a shaking. There is going to be a shaking and Christians will rise up.”

During the same segment, Bakker asked her how Christians can support Trump when the things out of his mouth aren’t always so godly.

Not to worry she said, because Trump is “becoming more and more godly.”

“We’re seeing him want to put Bible reading back in school,” she declared. “Come on. Bible reading back in school and prayer?”

This is what the Equality Act provides:

H.R. 5 and S. 788, better known as the Equality Act, is a piece of legislation being considered in Congress that would create federal protections for LGBTQ Americans against discrimination on the basis of “sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity,” specifically in areas including housing, employment, access to public accomodations (restaurants, bathrooms, etc.) and more.

Providing equal rights to others who do not currently have them is apparently enough reason for these people to take up arms and violently attack their fellow citizens. 

Good to know.