Elizabeth Warren’s endless stream of new policies is pushing her to the top and reshaping the Democratic presidential race.

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Warren is breaking away from the competition in a big way.

Courtesy of WaPo:

Warren has captured the attention of many voters on the ground, both with her policy proposals and her willingness to make unequivocal statements that often seem to rise above the din of the campaign. It took only a few hours after the release of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report, for instance, as other prominent Democrats hesitated, for Warren to issue a Twitter thread explaining why, after reading the document, she believed it was time for impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Many voters have been skeptical of whether she has the “gumption” to take on Trump, said Craig Wellman, 71, of Clear Lake, Iowa, who attended an event over the weekend for former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. But Wellman said he was now excited by Warren because of the way she has “fought her way back” and shown herself to be “undaunted” by the president’s attacks.

“She’s got chutzpah,” Wellman said, before stopping to choose a different word. “Forgive me, but she’s just got balls.”

Warren has presented her vision for taxing the super wealthy to shift money to programs aimed at boosting economically struggling and middle-class Americans as a path to make gains with some previously pro-Trump voters, and has traveled to conservative areas such as rural West Virginia to make her case.

Even as she rejected a Fox News invitation for a town hall, calling the network a “hate-for-profit racket,” one of its pro-Trump hosts, Tucker Carlson, recently praised Warren’s notion of “economic patriotism,” saying, “She sounds like Donald Trump at his best.”

The blueprints have convinced voters such as Tina Pyzik, 60, a resident of Kalamazoo, Mich., who has two grown children. Pyzik walked into a recent Warren event having donated to six Democratic presidential candidates, and left with her mind made up.

“Most of the people that I love that are running have the same beliefs that I do, the same ideas that I do, the same changes that they want to see — but I haven’t heard clear-cut ideas,” she said. “This just solidified it for me today that I am going to work on her campaign in Michigan. I’m all in. She has clear ideas and she wants to put them into practice.”

Let me start off by saying that only Fox News would consider comparing Elizabeth Warren to Donald Trump “at his best” as a compliment. 

The rest of us know that Trump does not have a “his best” in his repertoire. 

However, it is notable that even some folks at Fox find Warren so impressive. 

And what is even more impressive is that Warren is earning her support one state, and one event, and one selfie at a time.

Courtesy of HuffPo:

On Sunday, Sanders, Warren and 17 other Democratic presidential candidates descended on Cedar Rapids to speak at the Iowa Democratic Party’s sold-out Hall of Fame celebration. Inside the event, Warren celebrated her team’s ambitious campaigning in the first months of the Democratic Primary.

“I’ve done 90-plus town halls, I’ve taken literally thousands of questions. I’ve been to 20 states and Puerto Rico. And yeah, we’re coming up on our 30,000th selfie,” Warren told the audience. “That’s how you build a grassroots movement.”

In Iowa alone, Warren has attended 36 events, spoken to more than 7,000 Iowans and taken almost 5,000 selfies over eight trips. She also employs more than 50 paid staff members in the state, which has garnered the attention of top local Democrats.

“There is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren has had a remarkable field effort,” said Sue Dvorsky, a former Iowa Democratic Party chair.

The strategy has started to translate into energy among Iowans. Prior to the Des Moines Register releasing its poll on Saturday, J.D. Scholten, a Democrat who ran against GOP Rep. Steve King in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District last year, said Warren seemed to be “sneakily doing a lot better than what the polling suggests.”

“It is common to hear people say things like ‘I’m not going to express an opinion but Elizabeth Warren makes it hard to not express an opinion,’” said Steven Drahozal, the chair of the Dubuque County Democrats in Iowa.

For me, Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate who consistently earns my admiration almost every single day.

I like a number of people running, but some of that support is based on past actions or their established reputations, while Warren is actively impressing all of us on an almost daily basis. 

If she wins this nomination there will be no mystery as to how she pulled it off. 

She worked for it every single day. 

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  1. nanna June 10, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    That’s how she has been her whole life: head down, tail up, doing the hard yards and getting the results in spite of the obstacles.

    Just the other day I was thinking about Sarah Palin’s crappy reality show. I only saw the episode where they went climbing and Sarah totally failed to heed the expert’s instructions and got herself in a pickle. That showed she had no leadership skills.

    Elizabeth Warren is smart enough to listen and learn, and you can’t be a good leader without that quality.

    Elizabeth Warren is also smart enough to teach, and there’s yer bonus.

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