Does anybody else hear Helen Reddy music playing in their heads when they read about Elizabeth Warren, or is that just me? 

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been the early frontrunner of the 2020 Democratic primary for president, but the latest polling shows Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is not too far behind.

CBS News/YouGov Battleground Tracker found that Warren has gained territory on Biden in an estimate of Democratic National Convention delegates. The former vice president had 600 delegates, compared to Warren’s 545. Bernie Sanders rounded out the top three candidates with an estimated 286 delegates.

When it came to specific early voting states, the tracker showed Warren to be slightly ahead of both Biden and Sanders in New Hampshire. But she was behind her male counterparts in Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.

But Warren has benefited the most when it comes to voters switching alliances from other candidates. Twenty-nine percent of former Kamala Harris supporters switched to Warren, while Biden only gained 15 percent of former Harris supporters.

An Economist/YouGov weekly tracking poll from September 4 showed Biden leading Warren by just 4 percentage points. The former vice president led the field with 26 percent support, followed by Warren’s 22 percent and Sanders’ 14 percent.

A Monmouth University poll released in late August showed a virtual three-way tie nationally among Biden, Warren and Sanders. Warren and Sanders each had 20 percent support among Democratic voters, compared to Biden’s 19 percent. Biden’s support had declined 12 percent from when the Monmouth survey was taken in June.

The thing that keeps catching my eye is that while Biden holds onto his tenuous lead and Sanders numbers remain relatively consistent, it is Warren who seems to make steady progress with each poll. 

She just keeps plugging away and slowly moving through the pack until evetnually I think she will take the lead and then hold onto it until she is the last survivor on the island. 

That last part is wishful thinking of course because to be honest it is still too early to predict the outcome. 

But I have a good feeling.