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Sen. Elizabeth Warren let out a deep sigh as Chris Cuomo began the question during CNN’s climate change forum Wednesday night.

The subject was lightbulbs.

Following a move this week by President Donald Trump’s administration to roll back rules that would soon require Americans to use more energy-efficient lightbulbs, Cuomo wanted to know if Warren — one of the 10 Democratic presidential candidates participating in the televised, climate change-focused forums Wednesday — thought the government should “be in the business of telling you what kind of lightbulb you should have.” He noted that the classic “candle-shaped” lightbulbs, which would have to be replaced by more efficient versions, “are a favorite for a lot of people.”

“Oh come on, give me a break,” Warren replied.

The Massachusetts senator said she supports attempts by people to reduce energy consumption or pollution at the margins, like replacing lightbulbs or plastic straws or — “dang” — even eating fewer cheeseburgers. However, Warren said these debates are a distraction from what really matters when it comes to addressing climate change.

“This is exactly what the fossil fuel industry wants us to talk about,” she said.

At this point, it is not even reasonable to suggest that I am not very much in the Warren camp.

In my opinion, she is the most impressive Democratic candidate by a significant margin. 

But that is fine if all of you are as yet undecided, or feel strongly about another candidate instead, because sharing those feelings is what this website is all about. 

Having said that I will go to the mat to argue that when it comes to explaining complex issues in a easy to understand manner that Warren takes the prize every time. 

Perhaps it is her background in education, but she has a knack for simplifying complicated issues in way that makes them accessible to every day people. 

And that is perhaps her biggest strength.

Well, that and her ability to actually come up with policies to solve those complicated problems.