How cool is that?

Courtesy of CNN:

An elementary school in metro Atlanta could soon have something in common with the former first lady: its name.

The Clayton County Board of Education has voted to rename South Clayton Elementary School to Michelle Obama STEM Elementary School.

Next, the county will have to wait for Obama to approve.

“I just felt like there aren’t many places named after women,” board member Ophelia Burroughs told CNN. She originally suggested naming the school after Obama.

“We are trying to push forward in our society, because we have been left behind for so long.”

The elementary school is under construction, and is expected to open next July in the city of Jonesboro.

I have to say that this is pretty impressive. 

I mean former presidents get things named after them all of the time, but it is relatively rare for First Ladies to receive a similar honor. 

Could you even imagine a school being named after the woman currently married to the guy living in the White House?

No, does not seem likely.

However, Melania Trump’s gentlemen clubs and houses of ill repute seem like an on-brand marketing opportunity.