Does this mean that Texas is actually in play?


Courtesy of NYT:

Texas, a 2020 jump-ball state once considered a layup for Republicans, is shattering turnout records, with the number of early in-person and mail-in ballots now exceeding the total number of votes cast in the 2016 election.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and one of the most bitterly contested presidential races in the nation’s history, early-voting turnout has been enormous across the country. As of Friday morning, more than 83 million votes had been cast, representing more than 60 percent of the total ballots cast four years ago, according to the nonpartisan U.S. Elections Project.

But Texas, the nation’s second most-populous state, is the first to cross the 100 percent threshold. The Texas secretary of state’s office reported Friday morning — the last day for early voting in the state — that 9,009,850 people had already voted by mail, dropped ballots in boxes or showed up at polling sites. Four years ago, a record-breaking 8,969,226 Texans voted in the election.

The Texas increase has been fueled by huge turnout in urban, Democratic areas, like Harris County, home to Houston, but rural counties that have traditionally voted for Republicans have also seen significant jumps in voting.

I am not going to jinx this by making any predictions, but I will say that I am pretty excited about the possibilities. 

If Texas goes blue I am totally breaking into the Snoopy dance.