Well, isn’t that nice. 

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

During a call with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, President Trump offered to help Russia combat the wildfires currently raging across Siberia, the Kremlin has revealed.

In the call between the leaders – which took place during the first night of the Democratic debates – Trump is said to have offered Russia emergency assistance to help stem the blaze which has now engulfed in excess of 7 million acres of Siberian woodland.

Putin expressed his thanks to the president for the ‘kind gesture’ but said for the moment such assistance wouldn’t be necessary.

Trump was told that a fleet Russian military aircraft have been deployed to extinguish the blaze, but Putin would take Trump up on the offer if additional support is needed at a later time.

Gee, how sweet of Trump.

However, I am not exactly sure what the logistics would be for sending American firefighters deep inside Russian territory. 

I tend to think that Putin would not be terribly open to that possiblity. 

And not to be too selfish, but where in the hell was the federal support to help Alaska fight their forest fires?

I mean we had hundreds of them burning this summer, and they are not all out yet. 

We could have certainly used more help as well. 

Or does Trump only offer help to those folks who help him to steal elections? 

But don’t think that Trump completely skipped watching last night’s debate, because he certainly did not. 

Look I hate to say it, but I cannot even blame Trump for getting bored and dialing up his buddy to talk about anything other than the debate. 

Last night was not exactly riveting television. 

Still, couldn’t he have at least called up an actual American ally to shoot the shit with? 

I mean what’s Boris Johnson doing that time of night? 

Never mind, bad example.