GOP dirty tricks are in full swing and right out in the open.

Courtesy of the New York Post

President Trump is urging Republicans to vote in South Carolina’s Democratic primary on Saturday for the weakest candidate — determining that is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Trump, hosting a rally in South Carolina on Friday night, asked his crowd to help him pick the recipient of GOP votes in the “open” primary.

“I assume this is okay from a campaign finance standpoint,” Trump joked before carrying out his “poll” on the eve of the primary election.

He asked audience members to cheer for the Democrat they’d prefer be his easiest-to-beat opponent — Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think maybe Crazy Bernie has it,” Trump said.

Asking one more time for his supporters to cheer for either former vice president Biden or Sanders, Trump confirmed: “They think Bernie’s easier to beat.”

So now we have to question the results of tomorrow’s primary. 

If Bernie wins we will have to wonder if it was only with GOP support, and then also question the outcome from the earlier primaries where Republicans were allowed to participate. 

I actually thought it was a against the law for a sitting president to urge his party to interfere in the choosing of the other party’s candidate, but it likly makes no difference since none of the other laws that he has broken have caused Trump to lose any sleep. 

You know it would be kind of funny if the Republicans were successful in helping Bernie win the nomination only to see him destroy Trump in the primary. 

It could happen, if every Democrat came out to support him, that could happen.