Courtesy of Business Insider:

During the rally Trump repeated claims that the FBI had “spied” on his 2016 campaign that in a report released the day before Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz had found to be groundless.

“When the FBI uncovered evidence showing that we did absolutely nothing wrong, which was right at the beginning, they hid that exonerating, you know that, they hid it,” Trump claimed.

That comment was seemingly a reference to a finding in the report that there were significant “omissions” in the FBI’s application for a wiretap of Carter Page, a Trump campaign official.

“They hid it so nobody could see it and they could keep this hoax going on for two more years. They knew right at the beginning.”

The report in fact found that the Russia probe was launched on the basis of multiple contacts between Trump campaign officials and Russians.

“The FBI also sent to multiple undercover human spies to surveillance and record people associated with our campaign,” continued the president.

“Look how they’ve hurt people. They’ve destroyed the lives of people that were great people, that are still great people. Their lives have been destroyed by scum. Okay, by scum.”

They sent “multiple undercover HUMAN spies?” 

What was Trump expecting, canine undercover spies?

By the way we do not call FBI agents spies unless we are representing a foreign government and complaining about that agencies investigations into our country’s wrongdoing. 

And of course it goes without saying that presidents of the United States NEVER refer to law enforcement agents in this country as “scum.”