As you can hear Trump claims that the only reason Russia is no longer allowed to participate in the G7 (Formerly the G8) is that President Obama was embarrassed by him and had him kicked out. 

That, of course, is a lie. In fact it was a decision reached by all leaders of the remaining G7 to kick Putin to the curb. 

And notice how Trump blames Obama for Putin’s illegal invasion of a sovereign nation, but not a word about Putin doing anything wrong. 

Fortunately PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor calls him out for that lie at which time Trump just throws out more lies to cover for his first lie, suggesting that Obama allowed Putin to annex Crimea and did nothing, completely ignoring the sanctions America placed on Russia and the fact it is the reason there is no longer a G8.

Essentially Trump is working as Putin’s advocate here and even used Russian talking points to explain why they captured Crimea. 

I found this to be an amazing exchange that illustrates perfectly why an impeachment investigation needs to move forward as quickly as possible.