During phone call with Turkish president about Syria, Trump suddenly said ” You know what? It’s yours.”

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The compulsive in chief strikes again. 

Courtesy of Business Insider:

Capping off what has been a tumultuous week for the Trump administration are reports from multiple outlets that offer some clues as to why President Donald Trump made his decision to pull US troops out of Syria that prompted Defense Secretary James Mattis to resign.

That development materialized last Friday during a call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after Erdogan asked Trump why there were still 2,000 US troops in Syria if the Islamic State had been defeated.

“You know what? It’s yours,” Trump said, according to The Washington Post. “I’m leaving.”

The Associated Press reported that members of Trump’s national-security team, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mattis, wrote out talking points to dissuade Turkey from bringing troops into northern Syria and attacking Turkish Kurds, which would put US forces at risk. The US is allied with the Turkish Kurds in Syria, providing them with supplies and training in the fight against the Islamic State.

But both The Post and the AP explain that Trump went rogue.

“The talking points were very firm,” one official told the Associated Press. “Everybody said push back and try to offer (Turkey) something that’s a small win, possibly holding territory on the border, something like that.”

You know it sounds to me as if Trump was trying to brag to Erdogan that the US had defeated ISIS, and then when Erdogan called his bluff by asking why US troops were still in Syria  Trump felt trapped and essentially said: “Here, you do it.”

Which is exactly the kind of response you might expect from a fucking toddler. 

According to the article even John Bolton tried to explain to Trump that taking back land formerly occupied by ISIS is not the same thing as defeating them, but Trump cannot recognize reality and refused to change his opinion that ISIS was defeated. 

Who needs reality when your ego keeps telling you that you are the large-handed man that the girls adore and whose giant brain can solve everything? 

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  1. Shit Bricks December 23, 2018 at 6:44 am


    “Flake (R-Ariz.) told The Washington Post that “having Mattis there gave all of us a great deal more comfort than we have now.””
    “according to the Washington Post, the Secretary of Defense is not part of the military, and the president can launch nuclear weapons whenever he wants.”
    “With or without Mattis, the president has unchecked and complete authority to launch nuclear weapons based on his sole discretion.”
    ““This is a dangerous set of instincts for a commander in chief with sole and unchecked authority over almost 4,000 nuclear weapons,
    nearly 1,000 of which could be fired within a few minutes.”
    ““Neither Mattis nor anyone else can reassure the American people that a president will not, on a whim, use the most fearsome weapons humans have ever invented. Only laws can constrain such a dangerous prospect. It is well past time for our country to take control of the nuclear chain of command.”


  2. Anonymous December 23, 2018 at 7:43 am

    I hope that little shroomdick has the worst Christmas ever.
    Don’t give in, Congress, stop his bullying tactics dead in their tracks!

  3. anonymous December 23, 2018 at 9:20 am


    “rump regularly fumes during meetings and calls his aides and advisers “fucking idiots.”
    He watches ever more TV, wonders why the press covers him so critically, and distrusts advisers who tell him that even as president he doesn’t always have the authority to make his wishes come true.
    “Now, the president who once declared that “I alone can fix” the system increasingly stands alone in a system that seems as broken as ever. The swirl of recent days—a government shutdown, spiraling scandals, tumbling stock markets, abrupt troop withdrawals and the resignation of his alienated defense secretary—has left the impression of a presidency at risk of spinning out of control.” ““impulsive” Trump believes he does not need advisers at all. He’s appeared to be uninterested in the details that arise during briefings and has been retreating more to his private residence, concerned that he’s being watched.”
    ” he’s been dedicating ever more time to reminiscing about the 2016 presidential campaign. Boasting about the aspects of the presidency that show his power, he points towhat he calls “love letters” from North Korean dictator Kin Jong Un, and the fact that roads close to make way for his motorcade.”
    “As tumultuous as events have been so far, Mr. Trump’s first two years may ultimately look calm compared to what lies ahead.””

  4. Anonymous December 23, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    Nickel to a doughnut, “you know, it’s yours!” because he didn’t, and never has from reports, understood one word said to him.
    World leaders, lawyers, advisers, department heads…..

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