He also used naughty language.

Courtesy of CNBC:

President Donald Trump on Friday said he told Democrats earlier in the day that he would keep the government partially closed for years, or as long as it takes to get funding for his proposed border wall.

Trump also asserted that he had the authority to declare a national emergency and build the wall without congressional approval.

In comments delivered from the White House Rose Garden, Trump painted a different picture from Democrats about a two-hour meeting that took place between the president and top Democrats.

Trump described the meeting as “very productive” and said he had designated a group to advance talks over the weekend. Democrats described the negotiation as “contentious” and showed little optimism about ending a partial government shutdown.

A year? This idiot thinks that it is appropriate to keep federal employees from receiving their paychecks for a year?

As usual, Trump and the Democrats had completely different versions of what went on in the meeting, but thankfully we have a few leaks.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast:

One of these knowledgeable sources told The Daily Beast President Trump kicked off the meeting with a rant lasting roughly 15 minutes that included his $5.6 billion demand for a border wall, and threatened that he was willing to keep the government closed for “years” if that’s what it took to get his wall. He also, unprompted, brought up the Democrats who want him impeached, and even blamed Pelosi for new Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib saying at a party earlier this week that Democrats would impeach the “motherfucker” Trump. (It is unclear why Trump would think Pelosi was responsible for this.)

Trump proceeded to tell the room he was too popular to impeach.

Along with saying the word “fuck” at least three times throughout the meeting, the president bizarrely stated that he did not want to call the partial government shutdown a “shutdown,” according to the source. Instead, he referred to it as a “strike.” (Many of the federal employees affected by the weeks-long shutdown have been working without pay. That is essentially the opposite of a strike.)

During the course of this meeting, the Democrats in the room were visibly shaking their heads in exasperation.

According to the article Trump also said this:

“I’m not going to say it’s for leverage, but I’m not going to get a deal unless I do this.”

So yeah, Trump is using the shutdown as leverage to get his wall.

And at this point, Trump seems to believe that the border wall is magical and solve every problem.

Including the problem of workers not getting their paychecks.  

Okay, that logic literally gave me a headache. 

I really do not see how we get out of this unless Mich McConnell finally grows a pair of balls and works with the House Democrats to get the government open in spite of Trump’s efforts to hold the federal workers’ hostage.