Yes, you heard that right.

Courtesy of NBC News:

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he will no longer hold a large, in-person Republican convention in Jacksonville, Florida, because of the coronavirus but that he will hold virtual events and still give an acceptance speech.

“I told my team it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville, Florida, component of the GOP convention. We will be starting in North Carolina for the Monday, as has always been planned. We were never taking that off,” Trump said at a news conference at the White House.

Trump said it was “not the right time” for a big convention, adding that he had “to protect the American people.”

“People making travel arrangements all the over the country, they wanted to be there,” Trump said, adding: “I just felt it was wrong to have people going to what turned out to be a hot spot.”

Trump’s plans for Jacksonville appeared to be in peril this week when the City Council president raised safety and health concerns and threatened to oppose a key funding bill for the convention.

So to be clear Trump’s son’s classes and the RNC convention will largely take place online, but it is still okay for your children to attend classes in person despite the number of new invections in your area. 

So apparently Donald Trump does not want to put himself or his child in jeopardy, but he has no qualms about killing your children.