Courtesy of CNBC:

Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, was invited by the Nationals to throw out the ceremonial first pitch — a fitting choice during the current medical crisis. Wearing a mask on the mound, Fauci sent his toss well wide of home plate, and the ball bounced past his “catcher,” Doolittle.

As you can see it was a wild pitch, but hey, who needs the leading export on viral pandemics to be good at sports?

What happened next was also significant: 

Players from both clubs wore T-shirts saying Black Lives Matter during batting practice in Washington, and the letters “BLM” were stenciled into the back of the mound at the center of the diamond.

Then, in a poignant reference to the racial reckoning happening in the U.S., players and other members of both teams held a long black ribbon while standing spaced out along the two foul lines. After they placed the ribbon on the ground, everyone got on their knees.

“We know there are issues in this country and we need changes. We need changes for the better. These guys all understand that,” Nationals manager Dave Martinez said. “This was for a major cause, we believe in it, and we did what we could.”

I am not sure if these are related but Donald Trump has decided that he also wants to throw out the first pitch of a baseball game.

Courtesy of The New York Daily News:

In the middle of a monologue about baseball bringing back some type of normalcy during the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump suddenly announced he will be throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium next month.

During a coronavirus press conference, Trump said he accepted an offer from Yankees president Randy Levine.

“Randy Levine’s a great friend of mine from the Yankees” Trump said. “He asked me to throw out the first pitch. And I think I’m doing that on August 15 at Yankee Stadium. And I said, ‘How’s the crowd going to be?’ And, it’s like, ‘You don’t have a crowd. There’s no such thing.’ It’s gonna be interesting.”

Now I know that everybody gave Dr. Fauci a pass in response to his wild throw, but Trump has bragged that he was actually good at baseball, so I imagine the response will be somewhat more critical.

And if this is any indication of his playing abilities, there will be much to criticize.