So she’s the one. 

Courtesy of Business Insider:

Dr. Deborah Birx, the chief medical officer on the White House’s coronavirus task force, told the Trump administration in April that the virus was not a long-term problem for the US, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Birx predicted that the virus in the US would follow the same trajectory as it did in Italy, The Times said, with a sharp spike in infections followed by a gradual decline in infections.

The optimistic picture provided by Birx was reportedly welcomed by administration officials, as President Donald Trump pushed for states to lift lockdown measures and for the economy to gear up ahead of November’s presidential election.

But things did not turn out the way Birx is said to have suggested, with infection rates sharply increasing after states lifted lockdown measures before infection rates were at recommended levels.

“Colleagues described her as dedicated to public health and working herself to exhaustion to get the data right, but her model-based assessment nonetheless failed to account for a vital variable: how Mr. Trump’s rush to urge a return to normal would help undercut the social distancing and other measures that were holding down the numbers,” The Times said of Birx.

In Italy, lockdown measures lasted longer and were imposed uniformly across the country. They were introduced piecemeal in the US, with different states imposing and lifting them at various points.

The report suggests Trump sought to make states responsible for coronavirus control measures to evade responsibility and political fallout.

Birx was criticized in March after lavishly praising Trump’s grasp of science and attention to detail in remarks to reporters. Weeks later, video footage captured her appearing to struggle to contain her shock as the president theorized about a series of dangerous or unproven possible coronavirus treatments, including disinfectant injection.

So Dr. Birx gave an unrealistic timeline to a man who she should have known would misinterpret it and ultimately makes things much worse because of it. 

She should have her medical license taken away and be shunned from this day forward. 

I have no idea why some people completely lose their integrity when they are around Donald Trump but this is yet another case. 

So just how many deaths should we attribute to Dr. Birx? 

One thousand?

Ten thousand?

One hundred thousand? 

Any of those numbers seem fair to me.