They tried but the Trump lapdogs were not really able to undermine Dr. Bright’s credibility. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Bright criticized the Trump administration for failing to implement a “standard, centralized, coordinated plan” to combat the virus and questioned its timeline for a vaccine. His testimony came a week after filing a whistleblower complaint alleging he was fired from his job leading the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority for opposing the use of a drug frequently touted by President Donald Trump as a potential coronavirus treatment.

About an hour before Bright’s hearing, Trump tweeted that he had “never met” or “even heard of” Bright, but considers the NIH senior adviser a “disgruntled employee, not liked or respected by people I spoke to and who, with his attitude, should no longer be working for our government!”

Before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s health subcommittee, Bright urged the Trump administration to consider a number of actions, including increasing production of essential equipment and establishing both a national test strategy and a national standard of procurement of supplies. He calls on top officials to “lead” through example and wear face coverings and social distance.

Bright claimed that the administration missed “early warning signals” to prevent the spread of the virus. He said that he would “never forget” an email from Mike Bowen, the hearing’s other witness and the vice president of the medical supply company Prestige Ameritech, indicating that the US supply of N95, the respirator masks used by health care professionals, was at a perilous level

“He said, ‘We’re in deep shit,'” testified Bright. “‘The world is.'”

Bright said he “pushed” that warning “to the highest levels” he could at Health and Human Services but received “no response.”

“From that moment, I knew that we were going to have a crisis for health care workers because we were not taking action,” said Bright. “We were already behind the ball.”

Dr. Bright also said that the Trump Administration did not even have a plan in place to distribute a vaccine should one become available.

Courtesy of NBC News:

Even if a vaccine could be ready, there’s no strategy in place for mass production, he added.

“If you can imagine the scenario this fall or winter, maybe even early next spring, when vaccine becomes available, there’s no one company that can produce enough for our country or for the world, it’s going to be limited supplies,” Bright said. “We need to have a strategy and plan in place now to make sure that we cannot only fill that vaccine, make it, distribute it, but administer it in a fair and equitable plan.”

“We do not have that yet, and it is a significant concern,” he said.

In reaction to these allegations Trump and his Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, simply attacked Dr. Bright as a disgruntled employee and claimed he was bad at his job. 

But you know what, that is just more projection because the person who is clearly disgruntled and terrible at his job is Donald Trump.