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Dr. Deborah Birx has reportedly been trying to get controversial adviser Dr. Scott Atlas removed from the White House coronavirus task force.

A new report in The Washington Post describes the “discord on the coronavirus task force” that has reportedly “worsened” ever since the arrival of Atlas, a neuroradiologist who has no background in epidemiology. Atlas has reportedly “succeeded in largely sidelining” other doctors on the White House coronavirus task force, has challenged analysis from Birx and others with what experts have dismissed as “junk science,” and is seen by colleagues as “ill-informed, manipulative and at times dishonest.”

Birx, who serves as the task force’s response coordinator, recently confronted Vice President Mike Pence about Atlas, telling his office he should be removed from the task force and that she “does not trust” him nor does she believe “he is giving Trump sound advice,” the Post also reports. Her effort was evidently unsuccessful, and Pence reportedly “did not take sides” in the conflict.

Mike Pence is essentially useless in all of this. 

That is why that fly landed on him during his debate with Kamala Harris, it mistook him for a corpse. 

Birx was also pleased that Twitter removed a tweet by Dr. Atlas suggesting that masks were ineffective.

Courtesy of CNN:

Atlas, a neuroradiologist and President Donald Trump’s hand-picked coronavirus adviser, had undermined the importance of face masks with misinformation in a Saturday Twitter post.

“Masks work? NO,” Atlas wrote, followed by a series of misrepresentations about the science behind the effectiveness of masks in combating the pandemic.

The tweet and its subsequent removal comes as coronavirus cases spike across the US and other members of the task force have taken to the airwaves to urge Americans to heed basic mitigation strategies, including mask usage and social distancing.

Birx also told friends fighting the virus is “hard enough (without Atlas).”

She also suggested the task force is frustrated by Atlas’ ability to find obscure information, label it as data and “present (it) to the President as scientific evidence,” an almost insurmountable challenge.

“If he likes the sound of it, he believes it,” Birx has said of Trump.

It is all well and good that Dr. Birx is trying to keep Trump from listening to charlatans, and yet we must remember that it was she who first suggested to Trump that this pandemic would be over quickly, and that is what set us on this course toward destruction in the first place.