I know what some of you are thinking, who’s Donny’s Deutsch?

Boy do I envy you.

Courtesy of The Hill:

Donny’s Deutsch’s “Saturday Night Politics” will be going off the air after just 13 episodes on MSNBC.

Deutsch, a marketing and branding expert who often appears on the network’s “Morning Joe,” launched his Saturday show in May.

Ratings for the show did not improve after its debut drew 919,000 viewers in early May.

“Saturday Night Politics” last aired on Aug. 17.

The show finished a distant second to Fox News Channel’s “Watters World” in the cable news race in the total viewers, but was third in the 25- to 54-year-old demographic sought by advertisers behind FNC and “CNN Newsroom.”

MSNBC will fill the space with reruns of the Friday edition of “All In with Chris Hayes” moving forward.

Now I actually really enjoy MSNBC, it is my go-to cable news outlet. 

However this was one of those times when I had no fucking idea what they were thinking. 

Donny Deutsch is an insufferable bore who adds virtually nothing to any of the shows that he guests on except a reason for me to hit the mute button my remote. 

Now there have been a few other MSNBC hosts who I never warmed to and was glad to see taken off the air, such as Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton, but at least they had some initial credibility. 

Deutsch brought nothing except a smarminess which frankly I found repellant. 

So good riddance Deutsch, and let’s try a little harder next time shall we MSNBC?