Yet another “Christian” who would probably have locked Jesus up for dressing like a hippie.

Courtesy of The Hill:

President Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White said this week that Jesus would have been sinful and “would not have been our Messiah” if he had broken immigration laws.

White, who recently toured an immigrant detention center in Virginia, said during an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) on Monday that there was a difference between the immigrants being detained for illegally entering the U.S. and Jesus being a refugee in Egypt.

The Gospel of Matthew describes Jesus and his parents Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt shortly after Jesus’s birth to escape King Herod, who sought to kill the infant.

“I think so many people have taken biblical scriptures out of context on this, to say stuff like, ‘Well, Jesus was a refugee,’ ” White told CBN. “And yes, he did live in Egypt for 3 1/2 years. But it was not illegal. If he had broke the law then he would have been sinful and he would not have been our Messiah.”

You know it has been awhile since I read the Bible, but wasn’t Jesus crucified because he was accused of breaking Roman law? 

And on that note since when is breaking man’s law considered a sinful act? 

I always thought that Christianity taught that God’s law was more important than the ones created by man. 

I don’t know, perhaps I just read a different version of the Bible than did this Paula White person.