Will it feature Clydesdales?

Courtesy of Politico

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is planning to drop $10 million to advertise during the Super Bowl, the start of a massive election-year spending spree that will intensify over the coming months, according to four people briefed on the plans.

The campaign has purchased 60 seconds of commercial time during the Feb. 2 Super Bowl, which is likely to be the most-watched television event of the year. The ad or ads — it’s unclear whether it will be a single 60-second spot or a pair of 30-second commercials — are expected to run early in the game, when viewership is likely to be at its highest. 

With the investment, the Trump campaign is dipping into a deep war chest it has amassed over the last year. The reelection effort and the Republican National Committee announced last week that they raised a combined $463 million in 2019 and had nearly $200 million on hand.

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The Super Bowl advertising, coming a day before the Iowa Democratic caucuses, is part of a broader spending effort. Starting this month, campaign aides say they intend to increase their TV, radio, and digital advertising.

I guess it is not enough that Trump is ruining our country and our reputation around the world, now he is ruining football as well. 

You know the Superbowl is the only football game I watch all year, and all that I ask is that it be a good game, that the fucking Patriots are not one of the teams, and that I don’t have to see Donald Trump orange tinted mug one single time. 

Apparently that is too much to ask this year.