I think we have identified the next person to resign or be fired from this Administration. 

Courtesy of The Independent

Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton has appeared to contradict the president by saying the planned withdrawal of US troops from Syria depends on defeating the final remnants of Isis.

Speaking during a visit to Israel to reassure the Washington ally over Mr. Trump’s sudden decision to pull forces out of north-eastern Syria, Mr. Bolton said there was no timetable for the exit.

“There are objectives that we want to accomplish that condition the withdrawal,” he told reporters in Jerusalem on Sunday, adding this included the defeat of Isis in Syria.

But Mr. Bolton added that there was no unlimited commitment from the US on keeping troops in the region.

His comments appeared to be in contradiction to the president’s unambiguous declaration last month that the US ” have defeated Isis in Syria”.

The remarks are the first public confirmation the withdrawal has been slowed after Mr. Trump faced widespread criticism over his sudden decision to pull 2,000 US service personnel from Syria.

Oh man you know this is going to burn Trump’s ass. 

Not only is Bolton contradicting him about withdrawing troops from Syria, but he is also publicly admitting that ISIS has not been defeated.