This time Trump’s rant began last night, rather than early this morning, and it began with this tweet waxing philosophic about the White House. 

That was then followed by some tweets about Syria before Trump shifted gears and took a jab at arch enemy Jeff Bezos.

That “competitor” that Bezos was supposedly “taken down” by was the National Enquirer who reported on the end of his marriage, and some gossip about a new girlfriend. 

Of course, this is the same National Enquirer that helped kill stories about Trump’s affairs and paid off playmates and porn stars on his behalf. 

Trump then shifted gears again to mock Elizabeth Warren. 

What the hell was that?

I assume that it was at this time last night that Trump started experimenting with his medication.

The next half dozen tweets were really just retweets of folks delivering sloppy kisses to his orange-tinted ass, and that was it until morning. 

The first tweet this morning was this one:

Still trying to blame this on the Democrats I see.

And toward that end he also tweets this:

It should be pointed out that the 30 members of Congress who visited Puerto Rico were on a fact-finding mission before they launch their investigation in Trump’s handling of the hurricane, it was NOT a vacation. (Link to CBS story.)

Trump’s next tweet seems to be a summation of his batshit crazy.

Wow! So is Trump trying to furlough journalists along with all of the federal workers who cannot go to their jobs right now?

Cause I don’t think it works like that.