You mean it still exists?

Courtesy of the Military Times

The latest Military Times poll shows a continued decline in active-duty service members’ views of President Donald Trump and a slight but significant preference for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election among troops surveyed.

The results, collected before the political conventions earlier this month, appear to undercut claims from the president that his support among military members is strong thanks to big defense budget increases in recent years and promised moves to draw down troops from overseas conflict zones.

But the Military Times Polls, surveying active-duty troops in partnership with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, have seen a steady drop in troops’ opinion of the commander in chief since his election four years ago.

In the latest results — based on 1,018 active-duty troops surveyed in late July and early August — nearly half of respondents (49.9 percent) had an unfavorable view of the president, compared to about 38 percent who had a favorable view. Questions in the poll had a margin of error of up to 2 percent.

Among all survey participants, 42 percent said they “strongly” disapprove of Trump’s time in office.

This is another one of those things that totally confuses me. 

I mean Trump has taken money from the military to fund his wall, failed to speak out after the Russians put a bounty on their head, and forced them to completely abandon their mission in Syria making them look weak in the eyes of…well everybody.

What is more, how does somebody who has pledged their lives to the protection of our Constitution justify taking orders from a Kremlin asset? 

No, Trump’s approval among the military should be down in the single digits.