“We’re looking at the whole gun situation. I do want people to remember the words ‘mental illness.’ These people are mentally ill. And nobody talks about that,” Trump responded.

“I think we have to start building institutions again,” he added, saying that mental institutions were closed in the 1960s and 1970s and “the people were just allowed to just go onto the streets ― that was a terrible thing for our country.”

Jesus that is a stupid fucking thing to say!

Here are some facts courtesy of HuffPo:

Research shows that most mass killers don’t have severe mental health problems. Experts have also long repeated that most people with mental health issues are not violent but are actually more likely to be victims of violence.

Fewer than 5% of the 120,000 gun-related killings in the U.S. from 2001 to 2010 were perpetrated by people diagnosed with mental illness, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Experts have also balked at the idea of mental health treatment ― let alone institutionalization ― as a solution to gun violence.

“You can’t force people into treatment; you can’t necessarily treat them successfully; and you certainly can’t lock them up forever,” Prudence Gourguechon, a former president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, told HuffPost on the topic of gun violence last year.

I have addressed this issue a number of times in the last year but let’s wade in once again. 

Mental illness is not a one size fits all diagnosis.

In fact there are multiple kinds, and multiple degrees of what one might label a “mental illness.”

Extreme depression is categorized as a mental health issue, so are autism,  Down syndrome, bipolar disorder, learning disabilities, and eating disorders. 

Most of those listed above would not be an indicator that the individual was a potential mass shooter. 

In fact most of those would indicate that they are far more likely to be the victim of violence. 

I work with individuals every single day who are diagnosed with mental health conditions, and they are typically harmless and actually a source of great joy at times. 

Despite what Trump and the Republicans will tell you mental health is NOT the problem, our easy access to guns is the problem. 

Having said that if Trump wants to allocate a few billion dollars to mental health research and treatment we in the community would welcome that assistance with open arms.